Our People

”The more challenging the job has had, the better we have made it.”

Our staff are experienced professionals having a lot of knowledge and special skills in tool making. The personnel are the corner stone on what we are able to base all the demanding jobs. The team is very loyal to the company; most of our team members have a long working relation with the company.

Our team of professionals is the backbone we are also able to base our most demanding customer works. We believe that we can still improve when it comes to the most challenging assignments of the tooling business.


When a new lock factory was founded in the providence of North Carelia it created a demand for tooling professionals. North Carelia region has had a strong plastic industry since Perlos established a new factory in Joensuu. These factories needed a number of tools, several tool makers have started his tooling career in a lock factory or in a plastic factory and they are still in business. There’s still lot of stories, especially about Perlos, how molding machines and molds were developed in the beginning of the times. From those stories comes the know-how to design and manufacture world class tools.

We do believe to be even better in the demanding jobs of tooling. We do continuously develop our processes and pay attention to our skills. This gives an advantage to our customers by having shorter delivery times and higher technical reliability of our products.

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There is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction. Together we will be able to find the most suitable solution for your company’s needs. 


Seppo Raassina, Managing Director
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