Mold Manufacturing Company

The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing technically challenging tools. In the past 25-years we have delivered a great number of challenging tool projects with excellent customer satisfaction. The company has produced cutters, dies and molds for injection molding, blow molding and die casting. We have also produced molds for MIM (Metal Injection Molding).

We strongly believe that the experience our team has gathered over the years guarantees a successful tooling solution for you with maximum productivity and economy. Our staff has a long experience of die and mold design and manufacture. We do continuously develop our performance; especially we are focusing on improving our processes to maximize our customers’ benefits. The results of the improvement can be seen  in shorter delivery times and a more reliable and productive tooling solution.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance for us. Productivity and reliability of the tools delivered by Carelia Tools is based on experience and high workmanship as well as customer collaboration. It’s important for us to understand your needs and operational processes, when we are familiar with them we can promise the highest productivity and reliability to all the products we deliver. 

Why Carelia Tools?

We care about our customers. We design and produce all our products in our own factory in Joensuu, respecting tooling traditions of North Carelia province in Finland. We can guarantee maximal customer satisfaction based on high workmanship and a strong desire to learn more. We have the ability to apply all we learn for our customer’s benefits.

We are an innovative company that respects our customers’ visions. Please, do not hesitate to contact us and share your ideas with us. Together we will able to find a solution which will lead to success for the both of us.


Please Contact Us

There is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction. Together we will be able to find the most suitable solution for your company’s needs. 


Seppo Raassina, Managing Director
puh. +358 400 233 346

Toivo Vatanen,  Account Director
puh. +358 500 305 654


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